Latin Prefix(es)


Examples of Prefix(es)

ab, a from, down, away abstract, aversion, abject
ad, ac, af, ag, al, an, ap, ar, as, at, a to advent, accent, accelerate, affectation, aggravate
ambi both ambidextrous, ambiance
ante before antecedent, antebellum
bi two biennium, bifurcate, bicarbonate
circum, circa around, about circumnavigate, circumference
com, col, con, cor, co closely along, together, next to, with collusion, coheir, consort, cooperate, compact
contra, counter against contradict, contraband, counterfeit
de from, down, entirely deplete, demerit, depress, defrost, decline, defunct
di, dis, dif away, from, apart different, disburse, digest
duo, du two dubious, duet, duplication
ex, e, ef, ec, es from, out of, without effervescent, exhale, escape, extradition, eclectic
extra beyond extrapolate, extraordinary
in, il, ir, im in, into, on infer, induct, incarnate, illuminate, irrigate, imbibe
in, il, ir, im no, not, without, non insignificant, illiterate, irresponsible, impossible, imbecile, inappropriate,
inter among, between interchange, intervention, intercept
intra, intro within, inside of intramural, intrastate, intramuscular
milli, mille thousand millennium, millimeter
multi, multus much, many multitudinous, multifaceted, multiply
non not nonresident, nonconformity
ob, o, oc, of, op, against, before, toward, for offer, omit, occur, obscene, oppress
omni all, everywhere omniscient, omnivorous, omnificent
quadri, quadr four times, four fold quadriceps, quadrisect, quadrivium
per through, completely persecute, pilgrim, perfect, pellucid
post after, behind postdate, postdiluvian
pre before precedent, precept, preposition
pro, pur before, for proceed, purport, pursue
re back, again recompense, refine
retro back, backward retrograde, retrofit
se apart, aside seclude, select
semi half semicircle, semiprivate
sub, suc, suf, sug, sum, sup, sur, sus under, less than, inferior suffer, submarine, succumb, suggest
super, supra above, superior, surpassing soprano, superabundance, superintendent
trans across, through transcontinental, transit
tri three triangle, triceps, Triassic
ultra beyond, on other side of ultrasound, ultraconservative
-itis inflammation neuritis, conjunctivitis

Latin Root(s)


Example(s) of Root(s)

acerbus, acris, acuere sharp, to sharpen, needle, bitter acerbate, acupuncture, acuity, acrimony
aequare to make equal, even equivocate, adequate, equilibrium
aevum age coeval, medieval
ager, agri, agro field agrestic, agronomy
agere, actum, agitare to act, to do agility, react, agitate
alius other, else alias, alienate
alter other altercation, adulterate
altus high altimeter, exaltation, alto
ambulare to walk, to go preamble, ambulatory
amare, amor, amatum, amicus to love, love, friend amateur, amiable, enamored
anima life, soul, breath, mind animosity, inanimate, unanimous
annus year biennial, centennial, annual
apparere to come forth, be visible apparent, appearance, apparitor
aptare, aptus, apere to fit, suitable aptitude, adaptable, ineptitude
aqua water aqueous, aquarelle
arbiter judge arbitration, arbitrary
arbor tree arboretum, arboreal
ardere to burn arduous, ardor
artis art artifice, artifact, artisan
audire to hear audit, audible
augere to increase augmentation, augur, august
avis bird avionics, aviation, aviary, avian
beatus blessed, happy beatific, beatitude
bellare, bellum to wage war, war rebellious, bellicose
bene well benevolence, beneficent
bonus, bon good bonanza, bonny, bon voyage
brevis short, brief abbreviate, breviary
cadere fall recidivism, cascade, cadaver, decadent
caedere, cide to cut, kill incision, pesticide
canere, cantare, cantus to sing recant, chant, cantata
capere, captum, cip, cept to take, hold, contain capacious, incipient, intercept participate, capable, captive, conceive, precept
caput, capitis head cape, chapter, biceps, capital
carnis flesh carnal, carnival, incarnate, carnivore
cavare, cavus to make hollow cavernous, cavity, excavate
cedere, cessum to go, withdraw, move concession, recede, access
centrum center eccentric, concentric, concentrate
centum, centi hundred, tenth, ten percent, centimeter, centurion
cernere, certus to see as being different, to sift, distinguish discern, secret, certitude
civis, civilis citizen, community civic, city, civility
clamare, clamor to shout, cry out acclaim, clear, to make clear reclamation clarare, clarus, clarify, clarity, declaration, claret
claudere, clausum to shut, close recluse, cloister, enclosure, conclusion
clemens mild, merciful clemency, inclement
clinare to lean, slope clinometer, incline
colare to strain, filter portcullis, percolate, colander
colere, cultus to till, care, cultivate cultivation, culture, cult
coquere, coctum to cook, to mature precocious, concoction, cook
cor, cordis heart courage, cordial, accord
corium skin, hide excoriate
corona crown corona, coronation, coronary
corpus body corporation, corporeal
credere, credens to believe, trust credentials, credit, incredible
crescere, cretum to grow crescendo, concretism, accretion, increase
crimen crime, offense criminology, incriminate
cruciare, crux, crucis to torture, cross excruciating, crusade, cruzeiro
culpare to blame, fault culpable, exculpate
cumulare to heap up cumulative, accumulate
curare, cura, curatus to take care of, concern curate, curious, manicure
currere, cursus, cour to run, go occur, precursor, concur, course
dens, dentis tooth denture, endodontia, dentifrice
deus, dei god deify, deity, deism
dexter, dextro right, right hand ambidextrous, dextrorotation
dicere, dictare to speak, say abdicate, indict
dignus worthy, fitting, suitable condign, dignitary
dirigere, directus to direct dirge, dirigible, address-- -- -- -- --see "regere" below
docere, doctum to teach document, docent, doctrine
dominus lord, master danger, domineer
domus a dwelling, home domesticity, major-domo
donare, do to give, to forgive condone, donation, donor
dormire, dorm to sleep dormouse, dormitory
ducere, ductum to lead, take, bring abduct, seduction, conducive, duke, education
durare, durus to harden, hard obdurate, duress
errare, erratum to wander, go astray aberration, err, erratic
fabula story confabulate, fable, fabulous
facere, factum, fect, fic to make, to do manufacture, sufficient, facsimile
fallere to deceive, disappoint fallacious, infallible, fail
ferre, latum to bear, to carry relate, confer, referendum
ferrum iron ferrotype, ferric, ferrous
fervere to boil, glow, rage fervor, effervescent
fidere, fidelis, fides to trust, believe, faith perfidy, fiduciary, confidant
filius, filia son, daughter (respectively) filial, affiliation
finire, finis, fin to end, to limit infinity, finite, confinement
firmare to make firm, strengthen affirm, confirmation, firmament
figare, fixus to fasten, attach fixative, crucifix, suffix
flare, flatus blow deflate, inflation
flectere, flexus to bend flexible, deflection, inflection
fluere, fluxum, fluctus to flow confluence, fluid, effluvium, influx, flume
foedus, fed league confederacy, federation
fortis strong fort, comfort, fortify, force
frangere, fractum to break fraction, frangible, infringement
frater brother fraternal, fraternize
fugere, fugitum to flee centrifugal, fugue
fumus smoke fumitory, fumarole
fundere, fusum to pour refund, diffuse, profound
generare, genus birth, origin, race, species, kind, to beget, produce generous, generic, gentle, genre, engender, generation
gerere, gestum to carry, to bear belligerent, gesture, digest, gestation
glomerare to form into a ball conglomeration, glomerulus
gnoscere, cognoscere, gnarus, cognitum to know incognito, cognition, ignorant, gnostic
gradi, gressus, gradus to step, to walk, a degree progress, graduate, centigrade
granum, grani seed, kernel granary, granule
gratia, gratus agreeable, favor, thanks congratulate, gratitude, grace
gravare, gravis to weigh down, heavy aggravate, gravamen, gravid, grief
grex, gregis, gregar flock, herd, to gather into a flock segregate, congregation gregarious
habere, habitum to have, hold habit, inhibit
haerere to stick coherence, adhere
herba grass, herb herbivorous, herbaceous
hilarare, hilaris to gladden, merry hilarious, exhilarate
homo man homicidal, hominize
horrere to shudder, terrible horrendous, abhor
hospes guest, host hospice, hostage, hostess
ire, itum, itineris to go, journey, walk itinerant, transit, initiate
jacere, ject, jactum to lie, cast oneself down, to throw reject, adjacent, eject
jicere to throw between interjection
judex, judicare judge judicious, prejudice, judge
jungere, junctum to join conjugal, junction, joint
jus, juris, jurare law, right, to swear jurisprudence, abjure, perjury, juror, injury, justify
juvenis young rejuvenate, juvenescent
laborare to work collaborate, elaborate, laboratory
lacto, lact milk lacteal, lactose
lapis stone lapis lazuli, lapidate
latus side lateral, bilateral, collateral
laudare, laudatum to praise, glory laudable, allow
lavare to wash lavender, laver, lavish, lavabo
laxare to loosen, widen relax, laxity
legere, lectum to read, choose, gather elegant, elite, collect, dialect, legend, select, election, neglect
lex, legis, legalis law privelege, illegitimate, legislature, lex non scripta, legal
liber book libel, libretto
liber free libertine, deliberate, liberal
ligare to bind allegiance, ally, oblige, ligature
lingua tongue, language linguistics, lingual, language
littera letter obliterate, literature, letter, literati
locare, locus to place, place dislocate, allocate, local
loqui, locutus speak, talk soliloquy, loquacious, circumlocution
lucere, lux, lucis, lumen to shine, light translucent, Lucifer, luminous
ludere, lusum, ludus to play, to mock illusion, interlude, ludicrous
luna moon lunate, lunatic, lunation, lunula
magnus, magna great magnanimous, Magna Carta
malus, mal bad, evil, wrong malevolent, malfeasance, grand mal
mandare, mando to order, to command mandate, commandment, mandarin
manus, mani, man hand emancipate, manifest, manumit
mare sea mariner, aquamarine, mare
mater mother alma mater, maternity
mecari to trade, buy merchant, market
medius, medio middle medieval, intermediary
mens mind mention, mentation
migrare to move from one place to another migratory, emigrant
militare to serve as soldiers demilitarize, militia
mille thousand millennium, millivolt
minimus, minor least, small minimal, minimize, minute
mirare, miror, mirari to look at, to wonder at miracle, mirage, admiral
mittere, missum to send, let, go emissary, remit, admittance, commissary
monere, monitus to warn monitor, admonition
morbus disease morbid, morbilli
mordere, morsun to bite morsel, remorse, mordacious
moris manners, customs morality, mores
mors, mortis, mori deather, to die post-mortem, mortgage, mortmain
movere, motus to move locomotive, motion, motor
multus much, many multiply, multimedia
mutare, mutatum to change molt, mutation
nascor, natus to bear, to born native, prenatal, nature, renaissance
negare, negatus to deny negation, abnegate
nihil nothing annihilate, nil
nocere to harm, injure innocent, innocuous, obnoxious
nominare, nomen, nominis to name, name nominate, misnomer, nomenclature
norma rule normative, enormity
notare to mark, note notation, notary, connotation
novus new renovate, novice, nova
nox, noct night equinox, noctuid
nullus none annul, nullifidian
numerus number enumerate, supernumerary, numerology
nuntiare, nuntius to report, tell, messenger nuncio, renounce
oculus eye monocle, binocular
opus, operari work, to work magnum opus, opera, operative
parare, par, pari to make equal, equal disparate, parity, peer
passus, pati suffer patient, passive
pater father paternoster, patronize
pax, pacis peace pacific, appease
pedis, pes foot expedition, pedicel
pellere, pulsus to drive, driven compel, expel, propellant, pulsate
pendere, pensare, pendulus to weigh, hang, weight impending, compendium, appendage, expenditure
petere to rush at, seek impetuous, petulant, petition
placare, placidus, placere to soother, gentle, to please placate, implacable, placebo, please
plaudere, plauseum to clap, applaud plaudit, implode
plenus full plenipotentiary, replenish, plenty
plere, pletum to fill expletive, replete
plicare, plicatum, plicit, ply to fold reply, implicate, complicate, explicate, plait
plus, pluris more pluriaxial, plurality, surplus
ponere, positum to place position, opposite, depot
populus people popularity, populace
portare, port to carry portage, export
portio share, portion apportion, proportion
potens, potentis powerful potentate, potentiometer
prehendere, prehensum to seize, take hold apprentice, reprehensible
pressus pressed down depress, oppress, impress
pretiare, prec to value depreciation, precious, price
primus, primatis first primordial, prima facie
privare separate, peculiar privilege, deprive
probare, probatum to prove, test probation, prove
proximus nearest approximate, proximity
pugil, pugnare boxer, to fight repugnant, pugilist
purgare to clean purge, purgatory, expurgation
putare to think, estimate computer, reputation
quaerere, quaesitus to ask, seek exquisite, inquisition, conquer, quest
radius ray radiation, radian
radix root radicle, radical, eradicate
rapere to seize rapture, surreptitious, usurp, ravish
ratus fixed by calculation reason, ration
regere, rectus right, to make straight erect, rectitude, rectus
regere, rex, regis to rule, king regency, regal, corrigible, regimen, direct, rule, regular
ridere, risum to laugh derision, ridicule
rogare, rogatum to ask arrogance, rogation, interrogate
rotare, rotatus, rota to turn, wheel, turned rotation, rotary, rotor
rumpere, ruptus to break, broken rupture, interrupt
sacer, sacrare holy, to make holy consecrate, sacrifice, sacrarium
sagax, sagacis, sapare wise, to taste, know sage, sagacious, sapient
sal salt salimeter, saline
salire, saltum to leap, jump sally, saltatory, resile, result
salvare to save save, salvation, salvage
sanctus holy sanctity, sanctuary, sacrosanct
sanguis blood sangria, sanguine, consanguinity
sanitas, sanatorius health, healthy sanitation, sanitarium
satis, satiare enough, to fill full sated, insatiable, satisfaction
scandere to climb ascend, descendant, ascension
scire, sciens to know, knowing omniscient, science
scribere, script to write, the thing written describe, subscription, scribe
secare, sect to cut intersection, secateurs
sedere, sess to sit sediment, sedan, session, president
seminare, semen to sow, seed seminal, disseminate, seminary
sentire, sensum to feel, perceive consent, sensible, sentient
sepsis putrefaction, poison septic, septicemia, aseptic
sequens, sequi to follow, following prosecute, second, sequential, pursue, non sequitur
signare, signum to mark out assignation, consignment
similare, simulare to make like, to feign similar, facsimile, simulation, assimilate
socius, sociare companion, to join social, society, association
sol sun solar, solstice
solare, solus to make lonely, alone solo, solitary
solvere, solutum to loose solvent, dissolute, soluble
somnus sleep somnolent, somniloquy
sonus sound dissonance, unison, sonorous
sors, sortis lot, a share sort, consortium
specere, spectum, spic to look at, see perspicacity, specify, spectacle, retrospect, prospect, perspective
spirare to breathe spirit, aspirator, expire, inspiration, respiration, aspire
spondere, sponsus to pledge, promise spouse, correspondence
stare, stet, stat to stand stable, establish, statue, superstition, distant
stellare, stella to shine, star constellation, stelliferous
stringere, strictum bind, draw tight astringent, constriction, strict
struere, structus build, arrange, pile up misconstrue, instruct, instrument
surgere, surrection to rise, risen insurgency, resurrection
tangere, tactus to touch tangent, tactual
tegere, tectus to cover, covered integument, detection, protect
temperare, tempus time tense, contemporize, temper
tendere, tent to stretch, strain, thin pretentious, tenuous, contend, tend, tense
tenere, tain to hold pertain, abstinence, tenacious, tenant
tentare, tent to touch, try tentacle, tentatively
terminus limit, end, boundary determine, terminator
terra earth terra firma, terrace
torquere, tortum to twist, twisted contortionist, extort, torsion, torque
tradere to deliver extradite, tradition, treason
trahere, tract to draw, drawn subtract, tractable, protract
tribuere, tributus, tribus to assign, allot, pay tributary, attribute, distribute
trudere, trusus to thrust, thrust intrusion, protrusile
toxicare, toxicum to smear with poison toxic, toxoplasmosis, toxicology
tumere to swell tumescence, tumult, contumelious
turbare, turba to disturb perturb, turbid
unus, uni one union, unipetalous
urbs, urbanus city exurb, urbanologist
vacare, vacuus to be empty, empty vacuity, vacuous, evacuate
vagari to wander extravagant, vagaries
valere, validum to be strong, to have worth valor, valid, evaluate
velle, volens wish, willing volition, velleity
verbum word proverb, verbatim
venire, ventum to come revenue, convention, advent, contravene
vertere, versum to turn, change, incline vertigo, verse, introvert, versatile, anniversary
verus true verily, verify, very
vestire to dress vestment, divest, investiture
via way pervious, viaticum
videre, visum see, look, provide provident, visible, supervise
vincere to overcome, conquer invincible, convince, victor
violare, violatus to violate violation, inviolate
vir man triumvirate, virago
vita life vitality, vitamin
vivere, vita to live, life revive, viviparous, vonvivial
vocare, vocatum, vox to call, voice vociferous, convocation, irrevocable, revoke
volvere, volutum turn involve, revolt, devolve
vorare to devour voracious, carnivore, omnivorous