Greek Prefix(es)


Examples of Prefix(es)

a, an not, without amoral, anarthria
amphi about, around, both amphibian, amphibolite
ana up, against anapest, anasarca
anti against, opposite antivivisection, antipodes
cata down catacomb, catapult
dia, di across, through dialysis, dialect
epi upon, over episode, epistle
exo outside, outer part exoteric, exostosis
eu well euphemism, euthanasia, eugenics
heteros other heterodox, heterogeneous
homos same homonym, homoiothermal
hyper over, extremely hypergamy, hyperpnea
hypo under, in smaller measure hypocrite, hypocaust
meta after, over, between metaplasia, metathesis
para beside parable, paradox
peri around, about perimeter, periphery
poly many, much polygamy, polyhedron, polyglot
pro before procrastinate, projectile
syn, sym, syl, sys together, with, by means of syllable, synapsis, syncretism

Greek Suffix


Examples of Suffix

osis state, condition, action neurosis, psychosis

Greek Root(s)


Example(s) of Root(s)

acro tip, top, apex, pointed acropolis, acrophobia
agogos, agein to lead, to direct, to incite demagogue, pedagogic
agon, agonia struggle, contest antagonist, agony
agro, agros field, earth, soil agronomy, agrostology
algia pain neuralgia, diaphragmalgia
allo, allos other, departure from normal allopath, allogamy
andros, aner, anthropos man, stamen anthropomorphic, androsphinx
anemo, anemos wind anemometer, anemophilous
archaeo, archaios ancient, old, original archaeology, archeozoic
arch, archos chief, first, rule monarch, archipelago, archangel
aristo, aristos best aristocracy, aristocrat
astron, aster, astro star aster, astral
auto, autos self autoharp, autoimmune, autochthon
baro, baros pressure, weight barograph, barometer
barys heavy barium, hyperbaric
biblos, biblion book, of books bibliopole, bibliolatry
bios life, living things biocenosis, bionics, biopsy
caco bad, poor, evil cacophony, cacoethes
chiro, cheir hand chiromancy, chiropter
chroma, chromato color chromomere, chromoprotein
chrono, chronos time chronograph, chronicle
cosmos world, order cosmography, cosmic
cracy, crat type of government theocracy, bureaucrat
crypto hide cryptogam, cryptogenic
cyclos circular, wheel cyclothymia, cyclorama
deca ten Decapolis, decaliter
demos people demographics, endemic, democrat
dendron tree dendrochronology, dendroid
derma skin hypodermic, dermoid
deutero, deuter second Deuteronomy, deuterocanonical
didonai, dosis give dose, dosage
dis, di twice, doubly dichotomy, dipody
doxo opinion, praise heterodox, doxology
dynamis power dynamo, dyne
esthesia the ability to feel sensation anesthesia, aesthetics
ethnos race, nation ethnomusicology, ethnocentrism
gamos marriage monogamy, polygamy
gastro stomach gastritis, gastrolith, gastric
ge, geo earth geodesic, geometry
gen, geno race, kind, descent Genesis
glot, glossa tongue, language glossary, monoglot, glossalalia
glyphe carving petroglyph, glyphography
gon figure having angles pentagon, polygon
gonos to produce cosmogony, theogony
gramma, gram something written or drawn telegram, electrocardiogram
grapho write lithography, graphology
gyn, gyneco woman, women misogyny, gyniatrics, gynarchy
hemo, hema blood hemoglobin, hematoma
hedron, hedral, hedra side, base, seat hexahedral, polyhedron
helios sun, bright heliotropic, helium, heliograph
hemi half hemisphere, hemicranial
hepta seven heptahedron, heptameter
hexa six hexameter, hexahedron
hiero sacred, holy hieroglyphic, hierophant
hydor, hydro water hydroponics, hydrology
hypno sleep autohypnosis, hypnotoxin
icono image, likeness, figure iconology, iconostasis
ideo idea ideogram, ideophone
isos equal, alike, identical isocracy, isometric
kilo, chilioi thousand chiliarch, kilocalorie, kilovolt
klastes breaker, broken iconoclast, clastic
latreia service, worship idolatry, demonolatry
lithos, lite stone chrysolite, lithotomy
logos word, study logic, logomachy
lysis to loosen analysis, electrolysis
macros, macro enlarged, elongated macrocosm, macropterous
mania madness pyromania, kleptomania
mega large, powerful megapod, megalith
megalo large, great, enlarged megalocardia, megalomania
metron measure thermometer, metronome
micros, micro small microcosm, microphone
miso, misein to hate misogyny, misology, misoneism
monos one, alone monocle, monosyllable
morphe form metamorphic, morphallaxis
mytho myth mythological, mythos
naus, nautes ship, sailor naumachia, astronaut, navigation
necro physical death, corpse necrology, necrophagia
neos new, young Neoplatonism, neoprene
neuron, neuro nerve neuritis, neuropteran
nomos law, science, management nomography, astronomer
octo eight octagonal, octogenarian
oligo few, scant, small oligarchy, oliguria
onoma, onym name allonym, homonym
opsis, optic, ophthalmo view, sight optical, amblyopia
ornitho bird, birds ornithopter, ornithosis
oro mountain orogenic, orology
orthos right, correct orthography, orthogenesis
osteon bone osteoporosis, ossify
pais, paidos child pediatric, pedobaptism
paleo ancient, early, prehistoric paleontology, paleolithic
pan all, every pandemonium, Pandora
pater, patri father patronymic, patrician
pathos, path suffering, disease empathy, pathogen
ped, pedo small child pediatrics, pedant, pedobaptism
penta five Pentateuch, pentathlon
petros rock, stone petrography, petrol
phago, phage eating, destroying anthropophagite, phagocyte
phainein to show, be visible emphasis, fantasy, fancy
philos loving philharmonic, philately
phobia, phobos fear, dread photophobia, xenophobia
phone sound, speak phonograph, phoneme
phos, photo light photobiotic, phosgene
physis, physio nature physiologic, physiocrat
plasma form plasmodium, deutoplasm
pneuma air, breath, spirit pneumothorax, pneumococcus
podos, pous foot octopus, chiropodist, podiatry
polis city politician, Neopolitan, police
polys many polynomial, polymer
protos first proton, protozoa
pseudes, pseudo false, fake pseudoscience, pseudosalt
psycho soul, mind, breath psychometry, psychosis
ptero feather, wing pterosaur, pteropod
pyr fire pyromaniac, pyrography, pyretic, pyrogen
rheo, rrhea flow, current logorrhea, rheophile
schizo cleave, cut schizogenesis, schizogony
scopos, skopein spy, watcher, to see telescope, otoscope
seismo earthquake seismology, seismic
sophia wisdom sophomoric, sophist
sphero sphere, ball, layer of gas ionosphere, atmosphere, spheroid
static causing to stand hydrostatics, electrostatic
taphos tomb, bury epitaph
techno art tectonic, technocrat
tele far, far off telemetry, telencephalon
temno, tomos cut, that which is cut off, out appendectomy, lobotomy, tome
tetra four tetrarch, Tetragrammaton
thanato death thanatopis, thanatology, euthanasia
theos god monotheism, theophany
therapy to cure, nurse therapeutics, heliotherapy
thermo heat thermophile, thermotaxis
thesis, tithenai position synthesis, thesis
topo place, local toponym, topographic, topic
typos type, figure, model typography, typify
zoon animal zoogenic, zoonosis